About Mary Lee Palmer

lover of laughter, dancing, and all foods

believes nature and traveling can heal any wound

photographer and yogi at the heart

love peace and unity

“simply put - love does”

I was born and raised in Statesboro, Georgia where I first found my love for nature and photography. Once I realized I wanted to turn my passion for photography into a career, I attended workshops and internships to learn as much as I could before college. I attended Nossi College of Art in Nashville, Tennessee and finally felt accepted to learn who I was. There were so many aspects of Nashville that helped me figure out who I was and that city will always have a special place in my heart. Since then I have become a yoga instructor, met the love of my life, traveled to San Francisco and where I am currently, Atlanta, Georgia.

Meeting new people and creating a connection is one of the main reasons I love photography. My goal is that each photograph I create touches a soul in a special and unique way. I want you to feel love through my photographs.

Contact me if you want to book a session with Mary Lee Palmer Photography!

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