Caroline Kelley

I am currently a student at Nossi Art College. I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with a designer in my Fashion Photography Class last semester! I am a photographer that specializes in portrait, travel, and culture, but I loved taking this class. I got to work with make up artists, hair artists, designers, and models. 

Caroline Kelley was one of the models I worked with! She is such a joy to be around and we worked so well together. Here is one of the photos from the Fashion shoot. 


At the end of the shoot, we exchanged numbers and planned another shoot outside of the studio!  

We shot at Cornelia Fort Airpark one afternoon! Here are some of the photos from that shoot. 


Since this shoot, I was able to get to know Caroline a little bit more! She is such a strong and beautiful girl. She is killing the model game! And I can't wait to shoot with her again! Let me know how you like these photos in the comments. Come back next week to see some photos from Trapped on Earth band! 


Caroline Kelley

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