#ThePowerOfMakeUp: Sayde's Story


As a photographer who works with women, I believe it is my job to help women feel beautiful. Whether it is in my words, actions, or photographs.

Sayde Collier is one of my close friends that I got to shoot with this past weekend. We grew up together and happened to be in Amelia Island this past weekend for Fourth of July, so we planned a photo shoot I think y'all will enjoy.

I am going to tell y'all a little bit about Sayde before I explain #ThePowerOfMakeUp. She is one of the strongest young women I know. She helped me figure out who I am. I believe we helped each other realize how it doesn't matter how silly you are, as long as you are true to yourself. Saying that, she also has one of the silliest and boldest personality. She lights up every room she walks into. She is definitely true to herself and will not change for anyone.

Sayde has always had an amazing touch with make up. Our society has so much access to social media that we tend to hide behind a computer screen. A lot of women and men have been shaming people for wearing too much make up. This is something Sayde and I feel needs to be stopped. There is so much hatred in this world and if we can't sit back and let people be themselves, what are we even doing here? Sayde messaged me with this idea, I put my creative touch of imagery, and this is what we came up with: a photo story that shows Sayde feeling beautiful with and without make up on.


What Sayde loves the most about wearing make up: 

- It's an art and something she is really good at. 

- She likes showing that off. If you know her, you know she is sassy. Make up does nothing, but highlight that for Sayde. 

- It's a stress reliever. After a long day, it feels good for her to sit down and glam up for a night out. 

"Make up is not something I use to 'cover my flaws.' I use it to define the beauty that I feel inside. I love that I can use glitter and blush to highlight my favorite parts of me. While I feel like a princess in all of this makeup, I know and feel just as beautiful when I wash it all off at night. Stop shaming people, women and men, for making their eyebrows a little thicker, lips a little more red, and defining their cheek bones a little harsher. Instead, channel that energy into love and compliment them for the talent. This goes the other way around, makeup junkies --- compliment women for feeling bold enough to flaunt themselves so freely. Love one another. Love yourself."


NikkieTutorials is one of my favorite women on Youtube. She did a video on her blog that is called The Power of Make Up. To learn more about this movement, watch her video. 


Sayde Collier // Instagram: @saydecollier

I hope everyone loves hearing Sayde's story about #ThePowerOfMakeUp! Leave comments to let me know how you liked the photos and story. Come back next week for a new blog on the photo assignment I did for class on self body image!