Being a photographer and also someone who is super close with her family, I am the family photographer 24/7 and I'd be pissed if they chose anyone else! LOL. My parents are happily married with three children. I have two older brothers, Harrison (32) and Brennan (29). Then there's me, the best child of all. :) My parents adopted me when I was a few days old from a pretty awesome woman that has been apart of my life since I was 17. My parents were tired of boys, so they adopted me! My family has taught me a lot, but my mom and birth mother taught me some very important things: How to love someone as your family who isn't blood related, and how to love someone more than yourself. I am most certain God put these women in my life to teach me those things. And now I have had the opportunity to use one of those lessons to love my brothers FIANCÉ!!! 

Pictured above: Left 2011 Right 2016.. Not much of a difference other than my photography LOL

Yes, Brennan is FINALLY engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years, Katlyn Nichols! They met each other in college at Georgia Southern University. They both enjoyed greek life and football season in the Boro so basically they were meant to be. Brennan went on to become a CPA and Katlyn went on to become a Occupational Therapist. Now they live together in Atlanta, Georgia and planning the big day. 

Now, on to the part about how well Brennan planned the entire day of asking the big question!! 

So, since they have been dating for literally forever they talked about getting married all the time. I mean my friends would even come up to me and ask if they were engaged yet. So when the day finally came around, Brennan knew it had to be a surprise and both families had to be there. Minus our brother Harrison, because he lives in Colorado :( He told Katlyn he wanted to go to Canoe the day after his birthday with some friends. He made sure I could be there early to take photos. He made sure my parents and her parents could come to dinner. We had it all planned... the biggest secret we all have ever had to keep. 

The day gets here and I've called the restaurant to make sure I can take photos. The weather is beautiful, and everything is going smoothly. I get to Canoe, and pick a tree to hide behind. GUYS.. you don't know how nervous I was. First, its my brother proposing. That's so huge. Second, I can't mess it up because it is my brother!! LOL. So, I sit behind this tree for about 20 minutes.. not realizing until later I was sitting near an ant bed. He texted me when they got to the restaurant and I'm shaking I'm so nervous. The tree I hid behind split in the middle so I could pop my head up to see where they were. They finally come up and are looking around at the beautiful view. I keep seeing Brennan look over at me. He pulled her aside and asked her to talk for a second. Then he got down on one knee, and said "Will you marry me?" (meanwhile I couldn't even stay hid behind the trees before she said yes.)  She said yes after she got past how surprised she was. Our families and some close friends came outside and greeted the couple with hugs! Here are the photos everyone has been asking for! 

Oh I forgot.... THE RING IS FREAKIN HUUUUUUGE!! Brennan did amazing. And now they are figuring all the dates and venues and wedding stuff out! Our families are so incredibly happy for these two. They are meant for each other and I'm glad someone can deal with hard headed brother! It's even better it's a beautiful girl like Kat!! 

My family + Katlyn are going to Aruba the first week of September, so you will see some amazing engagement photos in the next couple of months! I also get to do some bridal portraits once she gets the dress, so sometime next year you will see those photos from me! This is so special for me as a sister and a photographer. Photography brings everyone together and that's why it will always be my first love. 


Canoe Restaurant

Future Bride: 

Katlyn Nichols


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