Travel Guide: Old City to the Beaches of Cartagena, Colombia

Hey guys!! MLP here - I decided to put together a travel guide of my trip with my family to Cartagena, Colombia. My whole family agreed it was our best vacation yet. From our street food tour in the Old City to taking a mud bath in a volcano, we couldn't of had a better time. And I am here to give you all details and wonderful photographs to show you exactly what we did!


Almost every trip we go on we use AirBnb and we have never had a bad experience! It is the best way to have our big family in one home, meet some very nice locals, and get the best out of every travel experience! We always feel like we are at home.. home away from home. Our first Airbnb was in the Old City where it is abundant in culture! This is where we stayed our first four nights! We indulged in wonderful strolls down the streets, saw wonderful ladies with fruit baskets on their heads, ate wonderful seafood, and we even tried ants! Check the photos below for our first few days in the Old City. 

As you can see above, we had so many wonderful adventures!! The photo with the huge Colombian flag is from a castle we visited one of the first days! It is called Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, and it is definitely worth the trip! It is located in the Old City, so it was not far at all from us! We started one of our days off with a street food tour! We had the BEST guide. He gave us just enough history information, AMAZING food picks, and we had a wonderful time just hanging out with him. We started off with some sweets that were all gone within the next day! Lol. Our family likes food if you cant tell :) My mom was diagnosed with a taste-smell disorder a couple of years ago, so there are only a few things she loves to eat these days. She was so surprised at what all she could eat here! She was able to eat all the candy. We all decided it was because it was used with real sugar. After indulging in all the sweets at 10AM (LOL), we saw a huge sign with a photo of ants! The sign actually translated to BIG ASS ANTS!! Of course the guys immediately said we have to try them - it was interesting... We then moved onto the BEST empanadas and fried cheese sticks. Our very own Kat got to make some!!! We also got ceviche from the guy who made the Guinness World Record Largest Shrimp Cocktail! Brennan also got to try his hand at making ceviche and got an approval from the chef! We finished off the day by watching the Colombia-England World Cup game at this fabulous bar where we finished off a bottle of tequila shot by shot. My mom and boyfriend even looked like locals with there tan skin and black hair!! Lol. 

Our next adventure was a day trip to a beach club called Blue Apple! We saw beautiful waves, had the best drinks and food, and even got to explore around the island a little. They even had a little area where I could do Yoga. Click on this link to check out my video on Instagram! It started to rain on us, which was actually very peaceful. The club passed around all the shots for us, and we were able to watch the rain fall down on the ocean and hang out with each other. Check out the photos below for more beautiful photos!


The next place was my favorite place! We drove about 30 minutes out to an AirBnb on the beach. We had more of a relaxing next few days. The place was more of a Bed and Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner! Lol. They made us the most amazing food we had all week. They had the sweetest family dog and cat. They were the sweetest people and I hope they do so well! While we stayed there, we also went to a volcano where we dipped into the mud. It was an amazing experience even though we were nervous at first! See the photos for yourself!

We were so sad to leave, but so happy we were able to visit this beautiful place! We will always remember the people we stayed with and be forever grateful for their hospitality! 

Our next family trip will be Paris to Normady to the Italian Alps to Venice to Oktoberfest! I cant wait to document everything. Be on the look out in a few months!