Want to go to Aruba?? Here's some suggestions of what to do!!

Hey guys! Last time I wrote I talked about what I was doing in my hometown and we got deep in my feeeeeels. Lol. Well in the past couple of weeks I have had so much fun and I wanted to tell y'all about it!! I celebrated my childhood friends 21st birthday and went to Nashville and got to see my very best Nashville friends at a music festival! I saw my favorite band EVER, The Wild Feathers, everyone in the world should check this band out. They are amazing and I love them. Anyways, I drove from Nashville to Atlanta at 10pm and got to Atlanta at 1 am to fly to Aruba the next morning with part of my family!!! I know right, how cool are my parents to book a trip to Aruba? Well just wait till you see the photos!

We landed in Aruba Saturday afternoon, got our rental car, and headed to our house we rented from Airbnb. Our house we stayed in was beautiful!! If you are looking to go on vacation or business trips and have not tried Airbnb, you definitely should! As a family we would rather be in a house than on a resort anywhere we visit, so renting a house is the best option. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the house! Sadly I only focused on the outside of the house in the back and forgot to photograph the inside. We spent many days by the pool after getting back from the beach and eating hummus on the patio!

After getting settled into our house, we drove to the beach nearest to us to eat snacks and drink at this little restaurant on the water! Then we watched the sunset on the roof... as we did every night we were in Aruba. 

We went to a few different beaches, but my favorite was Baby Beach! Probably one of my favorite days on this trip as well. We spent the day laying on the beach and in the beautiful water. My dad saw these waves crashing by some rocks down the beach. My dad, my brother, and I decided to walk down to see them. We hiked along this beautiful path where we saw a little pet cemetery and some locals fishing by the water. We kept walking to find these huge volcano looking rocks you could climb up. We climbed up and got to the top where you could see these huge waves crashing into rocks and blowing water up. It was one of the most beautiful sights I could see. I walked almost to the edge to get a few photos, but also just to stand in awe of how amazing the water and rocks and sunshine were. Then even better story... we walk back and come across a few wild donkeys that let us pet them. Check out these photos. 


On the last night we went to a restaurant called Barefoot and watched the sunset as we had a few drinks and celebrated my parents 37th anniversary!!!! I can't even date one guy longer than a month.... LOL... GO MOM AND DAD!!! 

We had a wonderful time and I definitely got some good photos out of this trip! I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about this trip. I have been waiting to set dates with clients until I got home from this trip. I have a few people that are my first priority, but Statesboro peeps HIT ME UP for some awesome photography sessions! Available for families, portraits, seniors, and boudoir! 

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