California Adventures: Yosemite National Park

Hey guys, so sorry for not writing on here in so long! I have had so many changes in my life in the past year. I want to write about the changes I've had in my life, and new photographs from our travels in California! 

Chris and I moved to Oakland, California in June of 2017. My whole life I have wanted to move around and live in different cities for however long I want and explore as long as I want then move to another city. I believe the best way to explore different areas is to live there, create your own experiences, and make as many friends as you can. I guess you could say that has turned into my life motto as I've gotten older. Then God brought Chris into my life because he wants to live his life traveling too! This year has been the farthest either of us have lived away from our parents. We both couldn't have done it without each others company. 

While we've been in California, we have traveled all around San Francisco, the Bay Area, Golden Gate Park and Bridge, Rodeo Beach, Santa Cruz Beach, Mt. Tamalpais, Nevada City, San Diego, and most recently Yosemite! We have absolutely loved everywhere, but San Diego and Yosemite were the main two that we were immediately drawn to. San Diego had us wanting to move there one day. The warm weather, friendly people, beach town, and diverse culture has me literally dreaming about moving there.

Then there is Yosemite National Park. We just got back a couple days ago and already want to go back this weekend. I can't imagine a more beautiful place in the woods. The golden hour each day is magical. Each mountain is so huge that it makes me feel so small. Each step, each mile, no matter how hard or easy, made me feel so content and happy. The fresh air, green grass, huge mountains, and the sound of the waterfalls or creeks filled my heart with warmth. I will stop typing and let these photos speak for themselves. 

The first hike we did was to Upper Yosemite Falls, and as you can see it was magical. It was 7 mile loop with tons of uphill switchbacks. We took lots of breaks because my body needed it. It was so worth the view at the top though. We set up an eno and took a lunch break at the top. The best hike I have been on in so long. And do you see what I was talking about with that golden hour???! Holy cow, those yellow and orange hues popped out for us that afternoon. 

Another reason I have fallen in love with Yosemite is solely because of Ansel Adams. I became obsessed with him when I first started photography and started researching him in college. If you don't know he is, he is like the grandfather of photography. Some of his famous work is from Yosemite, where he spent most of his days. Being in some of the same solitude nature where Ansel Adams created such beautiful photographs lit a fire inside me that is the same fire I had when I first started photography.

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.
— Ansel Adams

Thank you guys for staying followers! As always, please give me feedback. I love hearing from y'all! I can't wait to start blogging more about our travels, photography, and yoga! Stay tuned for new stuff!

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