What to expect when booking Fresh 48 Session


Fresh 48 Session:

Hey guys! I am writing today to tell you about 48 hour sessions and what you can expect. I want to start with a little bit of a background on me. My dad is an OBGYN, so I grew up learning about pregnancy and how labor can go so many different ways. If you know anything about pregnancy and labor, you know it can be unpredictable. Newborn photographers usually request you come in 5-7 days after the delivery. Fresh 48 sessions allow you to have a photographer come to the hospital within 48 hours after the delivery. You can do your make up and hair in bed before or just have photos done of your newborn. There are pros and cons to each session, but there is a session and photographer that is perfect for every parent! One of the pros to a Fresh 48 Session is you can stay in the hospital and don’t have to go anywhere. You get a whole different type of portrait session also. The pros to a Studio Newborn Session is you have props and backgrounds which offers a completely different type of portrait session.

Brooks Sanford Palmer

If you clicked the link from my social media page, you have seen some photos of my handsome nephew, Brooks Sanford Palmer. He was born three weeks ago, and I was able to take photos of my him with my brother and sister in law in the hospital. It was such a special moment for us and our family members to be a part of. I try my best to cater every session to each person I work with! Scroll down to see some of the photos of Brennan, Katlyn, and Brooks. :)

If you are interested in booking a Fresh 48 Session click here! Fresh 48 Sessions cost $150 for session fee and digital images. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my photography! I am so thankful for all of my viewers. Feel free to comment if you enjoyed this post.