Addison Simmons | Statesboro, Georgia

Sayde Collier | Amelia Island, Florida

Matthew, Carlie, Alec, Rachel, and Mary Catherine | Georgia Southern University Grads

Nifty Earth | Atlanta, Georgia

Holiday Portraits | 2018

Blake & Blair | North Georgia Mountains

John & Cassidy | Callaway Gardens

Britt & Kari | Statesboro, Georgia

Marshall & Mary Logan | Pineview, GA

Marshall & Mary Logan had a romantic wedding at Pine Oaks Farm in Pineview, GA where they both grew up. They didn’t let a little bit of rain stop them from having the wedding they have always dreamed about. As you scroll through the photographs, you can almost feel the passionate love these two have for each other.

Alex & Alexandria | Savannah, GA

Alex & Alexandria found each other right here in Atlanta, GA. They both have an amazing passion for travel, so they decided to have not one but two weddings. I had the pleasure of documenting their intimate family wedding in Savannah, where Alexandria grew up. Their wedding day was filled with traditional views that make you fall in love with Savannah. You could feel the love in the room from the peaceful church ceremony to the very last goodbye from the street of Downtown Savannah!

Tony & Lisa | Cancun, Mexico

Tony & Lisa have been a part of each other lives for a very long time. They have welcomed each other into their existing families lives and been there through the ups and downs. Their wedding day was filled with family, laughter, tears, sun bathing, amazing food, and most importantly, love.

In Loving Memory, Katelyn Chandler. We could feel your presence all day.